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Is it just me or does this look like a mini Tyler Oakley and Troy Sivan..

style—savage 😽💕

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when you reblog something risky and you need to cover it up with some more reblogs but there is nothing good on your dash


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Can we just. The Boston Crusaders people.

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so there’s a pigeon i used to pass by in my old neighborhood all the time and he was really fat because people would just toss him food and literally he sat in the middle of the sidewalk and people would just step over him, he wouldn’t even flinch. seriously you could sit down next to him and just feed him and he would be chill.

he was there every day and all us locals would affectionately refer to him as ‘lard-ass’

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i think the highlight of my day was not just eating wonderful acai bowls with my parents but instead, petting really big koi fish with my dad

i swear, these kois were fat and chubby (if you dont know what koi fish is go google it lol) and to me theyre like water dogs haha.. anywho, i just decided to put my finger in the water to see what would happen and a whole group of them came and sucked my finger and omg i kinda got scared but they were so friendly and i even got to pet one of their heads ugh i luv it. oh and one of them sucked and kissed my finger so that was rly awesome